Auto-body Repair Secrets And Why The Value Of Your Car Is More Important Than The Price Of Your Repair

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I get asked this question more times than we can count. “Why not just use my insurance to fix my car if the price for paintless dent repair is more than my deductible?”

That’s a great question…what might appear as an obvious math solution has long term consequences that may be more costly.

Review this scenario: You discover a crease in your passenger quarter panel. Don’t get excited! The best thing to do is to think this through. Do not call insurance. Do not head straight to the body shop. Do not call your best friend for advice because they will tell you about their cousin that can do it- no problem for $50 bucks.

What you need to do is call a professional! Paintless Dent Repair service. Paintless Dent Solution is Certified and registered with the BBB as an A-rated business. We are also registered with the BAR “bureau of automotive repair,” and our work is 100% guaranteed.

The primary consideration in any situation is the cost of repair vs. vehicle value after repair. Vehicle resale value is more important than costs upfront in almost all cosmetic fixes. Your vehicle value is affected any time you have a repair that costs more than $500, repaint your vehicle, or break the factory paint! This means that even though you have a lower deductible say $250.00 to $500.00 or less per incident, your vehicle will now have a report put on its vehicle history that will diminish the factory value! For a small repair, your value can decrease between $1000.00 – $4000.00 when you go to sell your car.

Another consideration would be if you lease your vehicle; many people don’t know that in most vehicle leases, the titleholder or leasing company can and usually do go after the person that leased the car for the adjusted negative amount when you have your vehicle conventionally fixed and repainted.

This means that you paid the insurance company your deductible, perhaps increased insurance rates, and now the difference between the original value and the new value after repair.

Don’t despair; there is an option to retain your factory value! It’s called Paintless- Dent Repair. This choice is the only way to fix your vehicle that adds value back to your car! It is the only service that works for you, even when filing a claim through your insurance carrier.

What sized dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair
If you haven’t heard, CarFax is a national report that is like a report card for your car. Every time you take it to get the oil changed, service, or maintenance, it gets reported. It’s the same with bodywork.

Dent Solution is your go-to source for information about your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance. With over 30 years in the Paintless Dent Repair industry and detailing industry, don’t think you have to figure it out alone…. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!

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