Additional insurance to protect the body and value of your car may seem like a good option. These policies have been classified as Dent Insurance and are being pushed by car dealers with a promise of higher resale values. But is it a good idea to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars in insurance premiums to insure your car body with dent insurance? Let’s take a look at a common occurrence and how Dent Insurance may have not been the best choice.

A technology called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an alternative to traditional body shop repairs in many cases is covered under your dent insurance policy. Insurance companies love PDR because of the advantages:

  • Less expensive: a fraction of traditional body shop repair, and often less than your traditional insurance deductible
  • More convenient: Many repairs can be done while you wait, or even done at your home or place of business
  • No Rental Car Fees, No Bondo or Filler, No Painting & 100% Guaranteed

What is paintless dent repair? It is a process using specialized tools to work the dents out of body panels non-intrusively. The technician massages the metal back into its proper shape, and in most cases the repair is undetectable. However, when the paint surface is affected, as with a scratch or a break in the paint, PDR can’t fix that. However, it can reduce the cost of the total repair job if the dent is removed before you take it to the paint shop so it is a good idea to consult your local Paintless Dent Repair technician before taking your car to the body shop. Remember that all technicians are not created equal, and it pays to find the right company. PDR is a refined art in the manipulation of metal and technicians very and skill level and capability.

Because of the affordability of paintless dent repair, insurance companies are making a lot of money in premiums, consumers are not aware of their options and the cost associate with the repair so they opt for insurance to protect them from the unknown. That is generally what we purchase insurance for right, a just in case. Let us shed a little light on this situation. It cost a fraction of what the total insurance contract costs the consumer to hire a PDR specialist directly. So you may want to resist the temptation to purchase a special “ding and dent” insurance policy. These policies, often sold by new car dealers, typically cost several hundred if not thousands of dollars, and are only in effect for two years. These types of policies also come with a lot of paperwork and fine print. If you are not careful you can spend hundreds of dollars on a policy that you are not able to use.

Policies can have requirements on:

  • Dent Location
  • Number of Dents Per Panel
  • Size of the Dent

For instance if the dent is located on a seam or a hard to service body panel you will end up paying over and above what your policy covers. So now you have the cost of the policy plus the cost of repair. If there are more than 2-3 dents in the panel or if the dent is to large you will also end paying more to have it repaired. Dent insurance sounds good in theory but when the rubber meets the road or the rock meets your car body, you may have to pay over and above what your policy covers. Take our advice, skip the insurance and go straight to a certified professional to save money. Most insurance companies approve paintless dent repair, if you are interested in filing a claim. However free estimate for a qualified PRD specialist can (in most cases) get your repair done for a fraction of what you would pay on your insurance deductible

So if you have encountered that parking lot menace in the form of an errant shopping cart or careless driver’s door, consider paintless dent repair. You can find a PDR expert in many nearby Napa or Solano county communities. In most cases these will be a local franchise of a reputable company like Dent Solution. Choose one who belongs to the Better Business Bureau, has the right tools, training, and experience, and is licensed. You’ll save time, money, and hassle.