Beware of dent nomads in parking lots and shopping centers.

These dent nomads are hell-bent on taking your money and usually costing you more to repair the damage they are claiming to fix!  dent gypsiesAs the seasons change to more desirable weather and people start to wash the winter dirt off of there vehicles Dent Solution becomes very busy removing those unsightly dents and dings with paintless dent repair.  But your not the only ones noticing the dents and dings in your vehicles.  There are people that are not concerned with actually doing anything but damaging your car, truck or SUV.

The Dent Nomads Scam

Dent nomads make a living out of pointing out your damage in parking lots as you go to do your shopping and pressure you into letting them fix your car on the spot. They are quite convincing, to say the least, they are even pushy to sell you on the fact that you have damage that they can easily fix it while you shop.  Dent nomads work in teams sometimes they have a wife and child with them to try and pull at your heartstrings.  They need money and they are willing to help you with a cash deal on a cheap repair!  Dent nomads are professionals at one thing and that is scamming people out of there money and doing little justice to the Dent or blemish they are asking to repair.

dent gypsies

Are You Getting Scammed By A Dent Nomads?

The usual-explanation, when finished, is to wipe off the paint or wax coating hiding what they just did to your car.  The dent nomads will tell you that in an hour or a day later and it will be perfect. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This coating is usually hiding hole drilled or paint damage pushing out the repair or plain hiding the damage they caused to your car.  Their way of conning people has been going on for years and can be quite an organized outfit involving several people frequently moving from town to town so you can never find them again!

The Dent Nomads Setup?

They usually stake out a parking lot, scoping out cars entering the lot that have damage.  Then the dent nomads find a car that truly needs work, they call in their partners to sell you on a quick fix.  That’s when the dent nomads vehicle approaches you with the enticement of being able to get your dent repair done cheaply while you shop or wait.  The dent nomads promise a simple cheap repair then take your cash and leave to the next parking lot for the next victim!

You Can Tell When Their A Pro!

Ian Cordle - Master Technician Do a little research, make sure you are using a professional paintless dent repair company.  Ask to see a business license, ask for a website or an actual business card to prove they are a legitimate company. Don’t fall for there slight of tung or persuading demeanor there work usually cost more to fix then leaving it alone!