While body shop prices are the highest as they have ever been, a conventional repair usually costs as much as $600 dollars per panel to paint. That cost is only to paint the panel and not to repair the damage on the panel. The body repair in the Bay Area usually costs an average of $100/hour for repairing dents, plus you still need to repaint the panel that is being fixed. The materials used today are very costly. The price of body work has increased by 40%-60%, which is higher compared to the price of the same eight years ago. The high-quality finishes on all makes and models of cars’ adjacent panels are usually required to be painted to match the area being repaired. Blending the color of the area being repaired versus the rest of the body is a must to remove any trace of the said repair. Read this article to find our how much you can save with paintless dent repair.

What if my paintless dent repair costs as much as my deductible or possibly more? Here is a scenario.

a dent on car bodyYou have a crease that is 20 inches long and travels through various body lines. It is quoted at a body shop for $800 dollars for fixing and repainting. Your deductible is $500 from your insurance company. You get an estimate from a reputable paintless dent repair company and save your factory paint for $800. The insurance company would rent a car for you to drive since your car isn’t available for use. The usual downtime would be more than three days. Your car now would be recorded in Carfax Vehicle History Report that body work has been done on it. As a result, your car would get a depreciated value when being sold. The factory paint can never be duplicated—ever! The high-tech robotic method that car manufacturers are using nowadays cannot be duplicated in the same caliber.

The more affordable alternative way instead of using a body shop is to have your car fixed by a high-quality paintless dent repair company to remove that dent. It is a much better and cheaper choice for several reasons. In fact, you have options such as either using your insurance company or paying out of your own pocket. Let me discuss these options.

Option 1: Using Your Insurance Company

You have decided to try and retain your car’s value and not to have a Carfax report on your car. So you choose to use a paintless dent repair company to fix it. Since you are not repainting your car, the history or Carfax report would not be recorded in the same way as when using a body shop to refinish your panel. Anything being done on the car would not be mentioned in a Carfax with paintless dent repair unlike when you have your car repaired at a body shop. It would retain its factory value. You can submit an estimate for the repairs to be done, just pay your deductible, let the insurance company pay the difference. The entire process of PDR (paintless dent repair) is the same as going to the body shop to get it fixed but with huge benefits. One of the benefits is that your car will be done in just one day! Also, you can retain the factory finish of your car. Since your vehicle is now ‘dentless’, its value would not be decreased. Your insurance company can also save on the total cost of the repair.

Option 2: Using Your Own Pocket

You have to pay out of your own pocket for the repairs for a one-time fee instead of notifying your insurance company about the damage on your car. The insurance premiums are increasing for an average of three years, so it’s not quite practical. Moreover, you can also have an option to have the deductible amount in case you really need it eventually for other uses.

Paintless Dent Repair is being performed at a much higher level these days. It is the first alternative to consider when fixing dent, dings, creases, or minor body work that is needed on your car. And with all the long term cost benefits that come with using paintless dent repair, it should always be the first choice!