Top 3 Paintless Dent Removal Question

  1. How important is not repainting your car?
  2. How important is not filing an insurance claim to fix your car?
  3. Did you know that paintless dent repair is able to fix a lot more than just small dents and dings?

Ian Cordle PDR Master Technician & Trainer talks about paintless dent removalA customer the other day called me on a job they had on their vehicle to compare pricing on a dent that was pretty severe on the passenger side fender. It was a 17-inch crease that traveled through 2 body lines and was had no paint damage what so ever. It was a perfect candidate for paintless dent removal. The price for this dent with paintless dent removal was bid at $1,400 and would be guaranteed to save their factory finish and would be done the same day the job was started with no issues of color matching the paint or several days of waiting for your car to be fixed with grinders and fillers to try and get your car back to close on how it used to be.
paintless dent removal in action with the mobiletech shadeThe customer stated to me that for that price they might as well file a claim with their insurance company to fix their car because they only had a $500. dollar deductible. I made the customer aware that we work with all insurance companies and that we would be happy to honor her insurance company. My customer then lets me know that the estimate that he had gotten from the body shop was only $1000 for her repair but she would still have to file a claim which was only $500. dollars .

This is a situation that my company hears about all the time. Because we are able to fix the damage that people could not imagine could be repaired perfectly without having to repaint or use the conventional methods of body work.

How important is not having a carfax report done against your car for body repair from a body shop? Did you know that when your car is repaired conventionally from a body shop and it is over $500 dollars it is always reported to carfax? Did you know that if your car is repaired with paintless dent repair it almost always is never reported or is reported as having quality paintless dent repair to it with means that it was a much higher quality repair done to your car to fix it and has not diminished the value of your car like having body work conventionally on a car.

In comparisons of both high-quality paintless dent repair or conventional body work here are the differences…

Body shop….
  1. altering the factory finish….repainting will never be as good as your factory paint!
  2. Diminished value…the minute you sand off your paint and repair your car at a body shop there is always a diminished value on your vehicle no matter what.
  3. Downtime…the average downtime to repair or replace a fender and repaint a vehicle is at least three days.
  4. Carfax report made against your car…. let’s say you go to sell your car a year down the road and now you will have to deduct the price of your car or try to explain why it had to go under the knife and why the paint is a little off on that repair that was made from a body shop.
  5. Raised rates for three +years on your insurance….
paintless dent removal method……
  1. repair is done in one day
  2. absolutely no diminished value on your vehicle repairing it with paintless dent removal
  3. there really is no type of carfax report for paintless dent removal so no-one will know that you had it repaired in the first place.
  4. If you choose not to file a claim it is a one time fee with no rate increase saving thousands of dollars in the long run not having to pay raised rate.
  5. If you do choose to file a claim with insurance to repair with paintless dent removal you still will retain 100 % of the original value of your car back to pre-accident condition
  6. When selling your vehicle at a later date there will be no need to explain what happened to your vehicle because there will be no sign or need to because your vehicle is still 100%factory fresh

Nick Shcuh with Dent Solution Discusses his experience with paintless dent removal

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