What Does Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Cost?

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Or, what will it cost to fix my dent?

That is the first question most people ask when considering Paint-less Dent Repair.   

Most small dents can be repaired in minutes, not hours.  We do not have to use conventional materials like fillers, and your vehicle does not accrue a diminished value report or a negative vehicle history report.  This protects the resale value of the vehicle while saving time and money on the repair. The cost savings alone is phenomenal, up to 70% over conventional repairs.  Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is eco-friendly since we don’t have to use chemicals or materials that pollute the ground or air.  

Together let’s consider TRUE costs to repair your vehicle using PDR

(Paintless Dent Repair) 

The number of dents. How many dents do you have?

With two different tiers of pricing, we offer multiple dent discounts when more than 4 dents are repaired on the same vehicle at the time of the repair.

Location of dents.

The location from one are to the next can vary dramatically for the dents to be repaired due to bracing, body lines, the edge of panels, also if dents lye on top panels or side panels make a big difference due to obstructions like headliners that need to be removed and reinstalled.

What does paintless dent repair cost
What does paintless dent repair cost

What is the size of the dents?

When measuring dents, a measurement finding the furthest edge to furthest edge of metal distortion is marked and size in inches is rendered. This specific size-price configuration is crucial for estimating the dent price correctly.

What is the car made of? Metal, alloy aluminum, or?

Determining this is as easy as using a magnet. If the magnet sticks, its steal. If the magnet does not stick, it is Aluminum. Aluminum is a much harder and more challenging material to perform paintless dent repair and a 50% increase in price is given when estimating dents on Aluminum.

Let’s make it as simple as possible.  

Sending us photos of your damage is best when there is a single dent to be estimated. But for customers that have more than 4-5 dents on multiple panels, only sending the worst ones are required to qualify the job needing to be done is one we can do. Once we arrive to repair, we can give an exact estimate to make sure all are estimated correctly. Multiple dent discounts are always offered for jobs with 4 or more dents to be repaired on the same vehicle at the same time.

Prices vary depending on size severity and accessibility, and dent count. If a vehicle has 3 or fewer dents, there is standard pricing available. If a vehicle has 4 or more dents a lower tier pricing is given per dent. Both price variances offer the first dent full price and each additional dent is half price.

Dent Solution Price Variance Explained

Multi-Dent Discounts

Prices vary on a per dent basis from one 1” dent to three 1” dents.  The cost per dent on 4 or more dents is even lower per dent because of the multi-dent discount that Dent Solution offers. 

Conventional Vs. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Consider this, a body shop will charge approximately $600 on average per panel to paint and to fix a 1” dent.  Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) will charge roughly $125.  The cost savings for one 1” dent is about 80%. This estimate does not take into consideration the overall cost savings in the long-term resale value of the vehicle.

Cost to the customer to repair three 1” dents or less is a minimum $125.  Each additional dent 1” or smaller on the same vehicle is $62.50 each.

Cost to the customer to repair 4 or more dents are calculated similarly.  A 1” dent would be $79 and each additional dent would be half that if they are the same size or smaller $39.50! 

Cost to the customer for multiple dents that vary from 3”-8” dents will need a professional to prepare the estimate. 

The process of removing dents with paintless dent removal requires skill and experience. Take into consideration that you would not want a plumber to do heart surgery.  Electric vehicles, side airbags, vehicle design, and the introduction of all-aluminum cars and trucks have begun to weed out the companies that don’t continuously educate themselves on the changes necessary to perform repairs safely and correctly.

Some companies will entice you with low estimates to make it seem like that would be the route to go…. however, that could end up costing you even more money in the long run in re-repairs or damage to the paint.

Choose wisely!  Keep in mind the savings of paint-less dent repair overall compared to conventional repair and use paintless dent repair to keep your vehicle looking factory fresh.

No two dents are ever alike.  Let’s say you park at the supermarket to quickly pick up some groceries and return to your care to discover a slight crease in your door created by someone parking too close and damaging your car with their door.  That is a specific size dent, and the severity of the weight of the door, the sharpness of the door edge all contribute as critical factors to what the dent would look like. Another dent that could be the same size was made by your relatives’ kid picking up a hammer swinging it and accidentally releasing it, hitting your car. The dent looks to be the exact same kind of dent until you see a super sharp impact right in the center of the dent. So even though they look the same size, they are totally different dents needing two different ways of removal to render a perfect repair. 

Another factor to consider is the location of the dent.  One vehicle may have been manufactured with braces and another without.  Braces can appear in different locations on different vehicles. The area on the car that had a dent across a brace is more challenging to access and repair than the vehicle built without braces behind the dented area. Dents found in areas without braces can save you 25%.  Dents on body lines or contour lines are an additional consideration when preparing an estimate, three decades of experience have taught me, they are much more challenging to get perfect.  Any dent on a body line is 25% more than one elsewhere.

Aluminum vehicles that are made of alloy are some of the most challenging vehicles to work on. Contrary to the belief, aluminum is not softer than steel. The aluminum does what is called “work hardens” when it is dented, and this makes the center of the dent very hard to move. Through years of experience, I have mastered the method of repairing dents in aluminum. Anything on aluminum paneled cars, trucks, or SUVs will cost an additional 50% to repair, based on the difficulty of working with that material. 

These pricing quotes were compiled by input from many high-quality paint-less dent removal companies. Through years of experience, the study of cost comparisons and the value of repair determinations, I recommend making your repairs with a company that is certified and vetted.   Any company can advertise they are the “best deal” around but few can honestly claim their business to be the elite in the industry for quality repairs and customer service.

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