What sized dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair technology?

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What sized dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair technology?

There Are Two things to consider:

1) the position of the dent on the vehicle

2) the severity of the impact.

If a car sideswipes a median on a freeway or hits a car at 35+miles per hour… more than likely it will need a conventional repair. With advancements tools, techniques as well as, in smartphones and photo quality, it is always free to send photos to a professional to determine if it can be fixed with Paintless dent repair. Qualifying the damage with this process should be the first priority… not trying to fix it yourself!

Dent Solution technicians specialize in the very tiniest of dings to extreme dents that cover over 30” in size; most of the time, they can evaluate the damage from a clear photograph to determine if the dent is repairable with paintless dent repair.

The idea that dents can be removed correctly with a plunger is quite honestly online magic. Thirty years of experience in this industry, and I have yet to see that method produce a complete repair. Sometimes it makes sense to remove most of a dent on a curved surface using a suction cup, but metal does not just pop into place perfectly ever. There is always something else needed to finish the repair completely. If someone without the understanding of paintless dent repair tries to pull with a plunger and a “pop” is heard, It usually means that the area that was just pulled without releasing pressure the correct way most times creates more work or stretches the area where the majority of the dent once was. Either way, it is not going to be perfect using this method to remove your dents. This is where extensive training and practice with moving metal, and knowing how to see the damage while working on it comes into play.

What sized dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair

Since starting this trade many years ago, I have seen many dents and dings that look almost identical to another, but honestly, no two dents are ever the same. A one-inch dent on the fender of a motorcycle compared to a one-inch dent on the roof of a car might look the same, but they will be totally different from repairing, and I will explain why this is.

Compare a 1” dent knocked into a  ford explorer on the flat panel with the edge of a door to a 1” dent knocked in the door in the exact same area, the same year, make and model placed with a nail set punch. Dents that have a small but very sharp center are some of the hardest to repair. The center of the dent is 75%harder to pinpoint your tool in to slowly bring it up and out. If the dent is too sharp even though it is small and can be stretched, it may be beyond repair.

Dents that are a great example of this are BB gun dents. Most of the time, they are too deep to repair. Out of all the one-inch dents I have seen in my years of being in the trade, I would say that 98% can be fixed due to new techniques, new technology, and new tools with paintless dent removal.  Larger dents that were not previously able to repair are now being restored with paintless dent repair. This may be a little confusing for someone that does not see or understand metal and aluminum the way we do, and explaining it is even more difficult. The area of the vehicle the dent was placed makes a huge difference as to whether it can be repaired.

What sized dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair

An important thing to remember when choosing someone to repair your dents is references and videos of past repairs. These should be available upon request.  You may find most companies doing paint-less dent repair do not have videos of the dents they repair, only pictures. The reason for this is that photos can hide what videos reveal. I take videos of all my repairs, often when I think the repair is finished, a video may show the smallest distortion indicating it needs a little more work, rendering the cleanest repair possible.

Moral of the story, many factors contribute to determining if dents can be made with this superior process. Remember that paintless dent removal is done at a high level actually adds the value back to the vehicle. It is the only way to repair dent and dings in your car, truck, or SUV that does not affect the factory value!  My advice is to find a true professional and let them help you make that decision. 

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